AffiliStores Review

AffiliStores is a brand-new software that produces 1-click affiliate stores that turn 100% FREE visitors into passive daily commissions.

This software grabbed my attention because I’m always on the lookout for simple products that I think truly make it effortless for the newcomer to intermediate entrepreneurs to start or increase their earnings online. This fits the bill.

In the movie below watch my complete AffiliStores review and check out my exclusive custom bonus bundle.AffiliStores Review

Pricing & Funnel

  • AffiliStores — ($27) — AffiliStores is a cloud based 1-click affiliate store builder which allows you to create your own affiliate store filled with products from eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, and Commission Junction.
  • Upgrade 1 ($47) — AffiliStores GOLD: Unlimited Stores & Added Themes
  • Upgrade 2 ($47) — AffiliStores PLATINUM: Additional Networks
  • Update 3 ($47) — AffiliStores TITANIUM: Conversion Booster Tools

Ok, here are my thoughts.

When doing my AffiliStores review I was extremely pleased with the quality of the software.

To be honest when I first heard of AffiliStores my reaction was”oh great, another crappy affiliate shop builder, just what the market needs”.

Here’s why:

AffiliStores doesn’t just work with electronic products, in addition, it works with physical products also.

Not only that but you’re able to integrate and earn seamlessly from a number of the GIANTS from the market such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, and Commission Junction.

This makes it a whole lot easier to make with AffiliStores.

They’ve also made the AffiliStores software extremely robust by incorporating in social proof features (which would usually be sold as products be themselves) that will help improve your sales and profits.

Another thing I personally loved about AffiliStores is that it has adsense BUILT-IN — which lets you increase your income portfolio and additionally easy money on top of it than if you were using any other affiliate store builder.


There were a few things I did not enjoy about AffiliStores though.

The initial one and the greatest think that I didn’t like was — they do not include an overview or a roadmap for AffiliStores users to be able to grab and hit the ground running so you can begin earning as fast as possible.

Also, there were quite a few tips and tricks that I realized that I could add into this valuable applications to make it even MORE powerful for you.

So what I decided to do was create a custom AffiliStores bonus that’fills-in-the-blanks’ in the spots where I felt AffiliStores was lacking.

Also, I have included a bunch of other very valuable bonuses also that you can use as supplemental $100-$200 per day methods.

You can begin using these straight-away and once you know them you’ll have a clear edge over anyone that is using AffiliStores without my bonuses.

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