In regards to landing pages and funnels, you have plenty of selections to select from. Among the most talked about — both negative and positive — funnel instrument is Clickfunnels. In this blog post I will review Clickfunnels Alternative, Convertri, and discuss similarities and differences of those platforms.

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Clickfunnels Alternative – Convertri

Convertri is UK based startup Andy Fletcher which offers landing pages and sales funnels using a motto “Faster Funnels, Greater Conversions”. Their motto guarantees quicker funnels and after testing I will state that they win download rate palms down comparing to Clickfunnels. More about that later though.

What Makes Convertri Better than Clickfunnels

This isn’t to state Clickfunnels is poor but there are only a few items that Convertri simply does better. When using Clickfunnels you pretty soon figure out the limits it’s on page builder, and on different items. Their advertising message would be to “abandon your site now” and only use Clickfunnels naturally could be achieved, but it isn’t recommended because you may encounter issues and problems with their webpage builder and absence of instinctive interface.

Here are few reason Convertri is much far better than Clickfunnels.


This is a big one and Convertri wins this by a mile, or multiple seconds.Converti landing pages will be lightning quick and win Clickfunnels by over 4 minutes when analyzed same webpage constructed on Clickfunnels and Convertri.

Speed is important to conversion. People today leave the webpage if it’s not packed within 4 minutes if your page requires more you are going to lose a sale.

Funnel Planner

Both provide same features and integrations therefore I’m not going to concentrate on people.You can see full list for Clickfunnels and for Convertri.

Below you’ll find how Convertri works slightly different than Clickfunnels.

Convertri has an intriguing “funnel planner” that is great visual tool to use to style your whole funnel. This permits you to quit using whiteboards to draw your funnel up — only do it right on the platform and move parts around openly. This is strong. Their pages builder can also be free form editor letting you design the webpage as you’d like.

Undo Button

Among the most bothersome thing about Clickfunnels is deficiency of Undo button and believe me if you operate with funnels or some other site, UNDO is essential! I can not tell you how often I’ve inadvertently deleted a part and just way to get back it would be to build it from scratch. So frustrating! (And if you want my opinion, large enough reason to proceed to Convertri!))

Convertri has a reverse button. That is large, frankly, really large! As soon as you utilize funnels for a little while, you will understand what I mean and sense that my frustration and will operate into some other instrument that delivers a straightforward undo button. It is the small things, you understand.


To start with simplicity of use — Convertri’s interface is actually simple to learn and you actually don’t need to be a geek to figure it all out. It’s easy and straightforward, and if you get stuck at any given stage, there are loads of how-to-videos on Convertri support webpages. Both provide drag-and-drop for their webpages however, one does make this manner simpler than another.

Convertri has a wonderful interface with real drag function. Clickfunnels does have one also but it doesn’t work too as Convertri’s.


Cost is frequently an important determining factor when selecting a tool to use. It shouldn’t be the principal variable by any means since it’s an investment into earning more income.


Both offer trials, Clickfunnels for free, Convertri for USD0,01. Both trials are for 14 days.Marketing& Hype

However, is that a fantastic thing?

I’m not so sure it’s. There’s lot of buzz around Clickfunnels and #funnelhackers are popping out anywhere on social networking. Yes, Clickfunnels are amazing in their advertising — they really understand how to create a more “cult” of followers that purchase anything and what they supply. They do provide great things, do not get me wrong, but their advertising functions like well oiled machine. I strongly suggest following Clickfunnels for a little while even if you’re never going to register as you will learn a lot about advertising!

Convertri on the other hand is similar to the silent pupil in the corner that nobody actually knows anything about. Their advertising is lacking compared to Clickfunnels, and they’re lead by the direct programmer — that might be the main reason for absence of attention on hype advertising. This isn’t to say it’s a poor thing! There’s market for each kind of business and advertising.

Which is Better

If you want my opinion, Convertri does provide a great deal for someone seeking to build landing pages and funnel. Hurry and undo-button are large enough grounds to make the transfer from Clickfunnels into Convertri particularly if you’re not seeking to use Clickfunnels membership websites. So there you go, Clickfunnels Alternative — I’m posting others also do register to get upgrades.

Please be aware Convertri isn’t available to new members year round — they prefer to start out their doors occasionally and use remainder of the opportunity to concentrate on their existing clients! Fantastic thing is I can start a zest for you with this particular hyperlink — you are going to find a discounted monthly fee however do sign up shortly since I do not understand when they shut the backdoor too!

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