Builderall Review 2018 vs Clickfunnels (Pricing,Features) Is It A Scam?

On the Lookout for Builderall Review 2018? Wondering what is Builderall Pricing? Is it better than Clickfunnels?

BuilderAll is an infinite all-in-one Attractive site building platform which came into the US market into existence in 2017.

“Best In My Neighborhood” is a local directory company which is based on a franchise, which serves its customers by quickly finding the best services provided in local areas.

Erick Salgado found that many of his franchise customers had businesses lacking an online presence that was excellent.

However, his scour for a solution as what he found, failed didn’t provide a full collection of tools, entirely.

So Erick Salgado set out to create an all-in-one platform and called it BuilderAll.

What Service BuilderAll ProvidesBuilderall Review 2018

BuilderAll provides the ability to have websites, blogs, and sales funnels to individuals and businesses.

BuilderAll is an all-in-one advertising platform consisting of all the marketing tools that needed to run a successful internet business.

Instead you’ll get all the tools. BuilderAll!

From sales funnels, sales pages, sales pages, landing pages, website builder, real-time purchase proof for your own click maps autoresponders, analytics, heat maps and so much more.

By now, you know purchasing these tools will cost you $2,00s if not $2,000s of dollars every month. The worst? Some of those may compromise your website. This alone provides you reasons to have right Now.

You know just how many tools, plugins, and services are out there in the event that you’ve been in online marketing. You probably use between 5 and ten in any one point in time. I certainly do.

Not only is it frustrating having to switch between several tools for SEO, another to help with website design, another for email marketing, and over to a different one for SEO again, it’s costly. Using a plethora of tools prices both time and money.

My face lit up when I first laid eyes on Builderall. Here’s a tool that’s been cautiously crafted for digital marketers and busy online business people. They took all of the tools we use to run our businesses and combined them into one.


BuilderAll drag and drop editor uses what is referred to as pixel-perfect technology. This permits the user to drag an element to any spot on the webpage and that is where it will appear on the website.

The editor takes another approach towards building a webpage by giving the user three different views to work in: desktop, mobile, and tablet.

This will automatically adjust the elements depending on what device is used to look at the website and requires a modification in thinking because most editors are responsive.

Working in three views may seem like extra work, but the advantage is that it is simple to make your sales funnel or site look how you want on mobile phones and tablet.

Your site is portable responsive with the latest upgrades to the pixel editor that is perfect.

The other solution is that the recent Drag n Drop Responsive Builder that uses this builder’s cool features but is responsive.

Up until the changes made to the Pixel Perfect editor, I would have encouraged this editor because it’s responsive.

There is a helpful on-screen guide that takes you through every part of the builder.

The main differences with using this editor are that everything is created using columns and rows which respond to the size of the device.

My favorite aspect of this builder is that you get a lot of control over each column and row.

As an example, if you set up a four column row and realize you need to add a fifth column, it’s as simple as right-clicking and adding a new column.

The individual column’s width may also be controlled by setting a number from 1 — 20.

So the highest number of columns per row would be twenty.

I am comfortable with it for creating websites since I’ve used the Bootstrap Framework that is common.

Is you have to add an element grid and you must uncheck the Fixed Size checkbox in the settings to allow it to be responsive.

Otherwise, all your images and text will pile up on top of each other in the view that is mobile.

I can guarantee you that its a lot more easy to grasp the mechanics of the Drag n Drop Responsive Builder.

Anyway, you have to construct your web page.

A few glitches might appear now, so it requires some polishing.

In particular, whenever I would copy a row, each the content would be replicated four times.

This editor is preferred by me better since it seems.

Either editor is mobile responsive and excellent.

The Admin Area

This is a summary of the admin area where you’ll be managing tools and your websites. So some areas will give information, I have not used tool.

In regards to the new July 2018 relaunch, each tool and the area got a facelift. The new look and layout are more easy to navigate.


  • The first area is where you’ll spend the majority of your time inside BuilderAll and where the website builders all are present. There are five main regions:
  • The drag and drop builder is brand new as of February 2018.
  • The responsive builder works off of rows and columns, similar to the ClickFunnels editor.
  • However, 1 quality that is far better than ClickFunnels is you can alter how many columns are in a row.
  • This provides a lot of flexibility and saves time.
  • Additionally, it gives absolute freedom to move elements like the pixel builder.

Drag and Drop Pixel-Perfect Builder

  • This is the most essential website builder that gives you the capability to produce pixel perfect sites of BuilderAll.
  • You will notice funnels, sites or any membership website that you have created when you navigate through this area.
  • You’ll also be opportune to start a website project and will be presented with several website templates.
  • The capacity makes this the only editor on the internet that gives complete control.
  • Your website will look wonderful on any device now that this builder is responsive.

Mobile First Drag and Drop Builder

  • I have not been opportune to dedicate my time to learn this new feature yet, but its next on my list.
  • This section will be updated once I have more information.

App Builder

  • Builderall also lets you develop your IOS or Android applications.
  • The built-in program creator makes it easy.
  • The video illustrates how easy using the Builderall App Creator is

Responsive Blog Builder

  • The Responsive blog Builder gives you the ability to create a blog.
  • From what I learned using it, this builder operates like a WordPress theme that gives you a bunch of options to correct.
  • Inside of the builders, there is a particular option to add a blog to your site, so I am not certain if this will remain an option much longer.

Mailing Boss Autoresponder

When you visit this part, a new tab opens to the Mailing Boss screen.

The entire interface received a few visual teaser recently and a new design.

Seeing the Mailing Boss for the first time, it steers you through a series of phases to set up your email list and to bring all your relevant and appropriate contact information for functions.

You will visit the dashboard once your first list has been set up.

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