New game added to ESPN Fantasy App, based on ESPN’s highly popular Streak for the Cash;

Gives fans chance to compete for prizes from ESPN personalities each month.
ESPN today launched Streak, a new video game available worldwide in the ESPN Fantasy App that gives fans a chance to win prizes and compete against friends and ESPN personalities by predicting the outcome of sports games and events around the world every day. Based on ESPN’s popular Streak for the Cash video game, the new Streak has been completely redesigned and re-imagined with new features and visual cues, which makes the game more engaging, easy to play and fun than ever.

ESPN Streak Honest Review

The object of Streak is simple: to build the longest winning streak, collect the most wins, or”Beat the Expert” by building a longer streak than an ESPN character in the current month. Every day of the year Streak offers matchups from various sports across the globe, and fans choose the winner of one matchup at a time. Once a fan’s chosen matchup is final, they can select another matchup that has yet to start. Opt-in push notifications notify Streak players when they could make additional picks.

This month, Streak will award a total of around $35,000 in prizes to Streak players, including $25,000 for the longest series, $5,000 for the most total wins, and up to five $1,000 prizes to fans who build a longer winning streak than ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose, the designated”Streak Expert” for June. Streak is free to play, and lovers from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the U.K. are eligible to win prizes.

Designed for hardcore sports fans and casual fans alike, Streak presents a personalized set of matchups to each fan with new typography and matchup information, as well as fun animations, avatars and emojis associated with a player’s”HOT” or”COLD” streaks and other commentary regarding their Streak functionality. Streak doesn’t require players to join or manage a league, but fans can create groups to compete for bragging rights against friends and loved ones.

“Streak for the Money has been very popular since we introduced the game nearly nine decades back. In many ways, it is the first daily fantasy video game,” said George Leimer, Vice President, Product Management, Digital Media Fantasy. “But we knew we could make a great game an even greater experience for fans, and that is exactly what the new Streak is all about. We have taken a proven concept and made Streak more fun and easier to playwith. It is a game you can play any time you want, every day of the year, regardless of what sports season we are in.”

Streak aligns with major sports, which allows fans to play along while games are in progress, creating a dynamic second-screen experience for live events across the sports world, including those featured on all of ESPN’s television programs. IPad users playing Streak on the ESPN Fantasy App can see live games related to Streak matchups via direct links to those games in the ESPN App.

Last year over 1.25 million fans played Streak for the Money and made more than 150 million total selections. The ESPN Fantasy App, available for iOS and Android apparatus, is the most popular dream app on the planet. In 2016, ESPN’s portfolio of apps, including the ESPN App, WatchESPN and the ESPN Fantasy App, reached more than 25 million monthly unique visitors and generated 34 billion minutes of use throughout the year, more than any other sports media land.

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