Google Adds New ‘One-Tap’ Search Options to the Google App

Google handles billions of search queries, with people looking for everything from the weather forecast to what is on TV to any of the various other things we turn to Google for, as an instinct.
But at the same time, other search options are rising. FB, for example, now handles two billion searches everyday. Pinterest sees over 66 million daily searches. The activity on every platform, of course, isn’t exactly comparable – what you go looking for on FB tends to be much different to why you would conduct a Google search – but they’re starting to converge. Every search query not entered into Google is one less chance for the search giant to monetize that activity.
In an effort to simplify the search process & highlight their app’s capabilities, Google’s showed a new set of one-tap search shortcuts which would connect users to relevant search results, quickly & easily.
As explained by Google:
“Starting today in the U.S., we are introducing tappable shortcuts on the Google app for Android & iOS and on the mobile web that give you easy access to great tools & the ability to explore deeper within topics you care.”

Tap on any of the topics listed and you will be connected to the most relevant results, based on your location & individual preferences.
For example, if you are a basketball fan, tapping on the ‘Sports’ category would bring you to a screen of the latest results.

You could customize the listing to specific teams, or Google will show you what it detects as the most relevant info, depended on your past behavior.
You can change the top preferences listed on the home screen, with a range of options available, including ‘directions’, ‘entertainment’, ‘movie times’ & ‘restaurants’.
The tools make it much easier to conduct your regular searches – really, most of us probably do have those common queries that we end up going back to time & time again. One-tap queries caters to this, while making more people aware of the various search options & tools available within the app.
For marketers, the implications, at this stage, aren’t totally clear. Most likely, the results provided simply mirror what that user would have been served if they would conducted the a regular Google search, so the SEO implications would be minimal, but again, if the option proves popular, Google can use these tools as a new ad platform. Tap on ‘entertainment’, for instance, and there might be a spot reserved for sponsored events in that region, same with ‘restaurants’. There does not appear to be anything like this built into the function as yet, but it can be a future consideration.

The tool could support Google with a new range of user data on common searches, which it could use to build into Google Assistant, which is connected to Google Home voice activated assistant device. If you use certain one-tap links, for instance, your Google Assistant will be able to learn what content you want to hear about everyday, and provide you with the latest on request. That, again, isn’t a major marketing concern, as yet, but it soon could be.
Right now, it is more of an interesting add-on, but the extended potential of the tool – as an experiment in advanced search behavior – can have wider reaching implications in future.

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