1. What’s Jungle Scout?

Within this Jungle Scout review it could earn you a bunch of money and you will be introduced to this app. It is fundamentally
their power sellers, as well as a product research tool which has become the go-to to selling on Amazon for novices.

Jungle Scout is both chrome and a WebApp extension which can be used by people Amazon entrepreneurs looking to access products
which may be hiding in its own database. It will aid you by discovering products to sell in building a amazon company that is

The program was made to use data to inform business ideas.

2. What is different between the chrome extension and a Web App?

It is not a matter of choosing one or the other. Its Chrome Extension and the Jungle Scout WebApp work together. They address
needs when approaching product research.

The extension can help you gather data from a particular page or hunt on Amazon. This extension is installed into your browser and
will function when you visit the Amazon.com website. With a click on the expansion you will have the ability to find a product’s
price, estimated earnings, review count — all of which provides valuable data for comparison — quickly.

The aim is to help you find potential sales items which might be concealed in the depths of Amazon’s stock. You are also given the
ability to track the activity over time of a competitor by the WebApp.

3. Which pricing plan should I choose?

There are 3 levels of cost for the WebApp. There’s Business, at a price of $828 one-time price; Standard, $588 one-time cost and
Start-up, $348 one-time cost. If you want access to Niche Hunter, then you will need to purchase Standard price program or the

However, a lot of sellers say you can get away with the Start-Up price program, as it gives you everything you will need to search
for a product — and the Product Database and Product Tracker are the two main tools in Jungle Scout.

You’ve got two choices — Pro and Lite if buying the Chrome Extension. Pro is more expensive but if you are seriously interested
in selling then you need the intricacy of metrics that the pro extension provides.

4. More on the WebApp

There are three important features provided by the WebApp.

A Product Database: The product database is the entirety (sort of) of the Amazon catalog. You can search through the Amazon
catalogue including rating, cost, sales, demand, seasonality and much more.

A Product Tracker: You can monitor competitor activity using the item tracker. This means that you van view inventory and their
pricing . This will save a mountain of time in collating information.

The Niche Hunter: The Niche Hunter can help you calculate the opportunity in a product and reveals the top 10 sellers’ metrics.
You also get Listing Quality Scores for any key word — all fantastic material if you would like to be successful.

5. More on the Chrome Extension

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension integrates with Google Chrome and gives you the tools to streamline merchandise searches. It
will let you view important product information, like sales and reviews, directly from the Amazon search pages. This provides you
with instant information to analyse the validity of a specific product.

The extension is essentially for people in love with metrics — that should be everyone interested in sales. The data offered
includes: seasonal trends, profit calculator, FBA fees, and more. On the metrics screen you have the choice to filter using any
indicator — which allows you to view those products that are relevant to you.

If you are at all serious about becoming a power seller on Amazon, then you need this data and preferably the data provided by the
pro expansion package.

6. How true is Jungle Scout?

The information is powerful — if you realize how to interpret it for the good of your business. However, it does give you precise
averages of earnings and out of this suggest estimations. Is this? It is worth noting that the revenue ranking, which can change
every hour calculates the estimates it depends what you count as up-to-date, precise advice.

7. Jungle Scout’s pros and the cons

The positives of Jungle Scout are many but essentially it makes product research fast and simple. It would be impossible to
conduct an FBA company with no data. It is super easy. It’ll save you time, and the interface is clear and effective — making it
straightforward to interpret metrics. You will be surprised at how quickly you pick up it — when learning how to use Jungle

The downside? As the estimates are based on earnings rankings, and these can change so fast, it’s tough to trust the estimates
indicated. This tool isn’t meant to replace a savvy business mind — but provide support and help in making decisions. This means
you need to bring intelligence to the interpretation of data. More worryingly, maybe, is that there is sometimes a difference in
the information offered by the extension and the WebApp.

There are some products. This means you may end up doing some manual study . There is that Jungle Scout is not helpful with A
product novels, for instance.

8. How do I use Jungle Scout to find the product that is best?

The easiest way to start finding the product is to open Chrome, with the expansion loaded. Then you run a product search and of
the data for the products in the search list are available for you. This gives you an insight into how products in that specific
line are performing and for each of your prospective competitors.

The point of the WebApp and Extension is to save you from doing manual research of many products within the line. This implies
using a set of criteria which you want your product to fulfill.

Then, you will start using the WebApp by filtering by state, then by cost, then by the minimum amount of sales per month, then by
number of reviews, then the weight of product (think of the shipping hassles and storage fees). Click search and Jungle Scout will
show you the products. From there you can click and research the potential and different products .

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