Social Ranker is considered as the first ever social link builder that is 100% automated and it allows you to create unlimited backlinks in just two simple clicks, which means no signups and captchas at all.
This fully automated social link builder is probably the only search and social marketing tool that is available in the market today with hands-free highly effective link building options on more than two hundred social sites. Aside from that, there are absolutely no any limit on your number of campaigns, unlike other software.

As a matter of fact, with Social Ranker, there’s no need for you to download or install the software, upgrade, update, or even manage it. This is definitely great because Social Ranker is a SEO tool that is completely web-based and enables you to manage and add different marketing campaigns in a cloud environment. Each of the tasks here are down without any proxies and captcha API.

Since the software is 100 percent fully automated, its hands-free feature and link build tool where all tasks are automatically delivered and handled is considered by most marketers as life-savers. This is because the software doesn’t require any registrations and there is no grunt work, and manual captchas that you have to deal with, making it an absolutely amazing automated ranking solution for all online marketers.

In addition to that, Social Ranker software will also allow you to set a certain drip feed period for your campaigns from one to three days. It is not an extremely big deal though since we are getting links from different social sites and at most two hundred, which is a very safe quantity.

Review Summary of Social Ranker Software

Item: Social Ranker
Inventor: Abdul Hannan
Front-End Price: $97
Bonus deals: Large Reward
Assistance: Efficient Reaction
Market: Software program
Suggested: Strongly suggested

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Main Features of Social Ranker

1. Web-Based SEO software

Simply sign up and start adding your campaigns right away from the member’s area of the software. Nothing to install or download here because it is completely web-based.

2. Social Backlinks

You can be able to get backlinks from more than 200 authority social websites in just 2 clicks.

3. Unlimited Campaigns

This software enables you to have unlimited campaigns with 95 percent success rate.

4. Multiple URLs

With Social Ranker, you can be able to add different URLs as well as spread links over several pages of the same site and Ter 2 links/URLs. Doing this can equally give advantage to all your Tier 2 links or website pages as well as make your entire SEO campaign appear more natural.

5. 100% Hands-Free Link Automation

This software has taken the automation of links to the next level using automated signups, proxy usage, captcha solving, as well as detailed reports.

6. Video SEO

This fully automated link building software is definitely great for videos in order to get natural likes, views, as well as higher rankings in different search engines. Actually, videos that are embedded on social media sites are one of the effective ways to rank your videos.

7. Pinger Built-In

You can simply copy and paste your backlinks in its built-in pinging online system and you can then see them getting supercharged through 24 ping services instantly.

8. Higher Rank

Social backlinks, bookmarks, signals, or whatever you use to call them, search engines really love these natural links that are generated from an active social network.

9. White Label Reports

Each campaign process through the Social Ranker system often comes with a proof in detailed Excel reports form. You’ll even get login details for all the websites where links are made. They are kept white labeled so that you can be able to send it directly to your clients.

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