Super Affiliate System Membership Review: The Complete Lowdown

Hey there! I went out and bought the Super Affiliate System , to show you guys what’s on the inside and furthermore, if is it worth getting?

Super Affiliate System Membership Review: The Complete Lowdown

Disclosure: Any results stated aren’t typical and only the most hard working and dedicated students that really take action will be able to attain life changing results! This isn’t a get rich-quick scheme or some marketing gimmick. It is about building a business that is sustainable online. Additionally, the remarks below are completely based on my experience and should not be taken as any advice! If you choose to buy the course through the links, receives a reimbursement, which enables us to keep the site running and try out other courses to provide you these insights.

We got that mumbo jumbo out of the way, let us get into my in-depth Super Affiliate System Review…

Ready to Launch Efforts — The Shortcut To Success

EVERYTHING that is necessary and needed to run a campaign at the most profitable markets:

• Affiliate Networks to Use
• The EXACT Offers To Run

• Which Give To Run On A Particular Ad Network

Of course I have not tested all of the swipes, images, provides, networks… But those that John provided me with brought in outcomes.

Now again, I have some experience with internet marketing, but never really considered myself a PPC guy. I ran this deal through Facebook ads and was able to pull in remarkable results! Ad spend was approximately $3,150 and the commissions rounded to about $4,200 which left me with a profit of around $1,000. Once I further optimize this effort, it must bring in greater ROI.

How Much Success Are Other People Having?

I know, you may be thinking I faked the screenshot above (I don’t do this ). But what I am about to show you, can’t be faked.

These are the results of normal people, who got their start in affiliate marketing by learning from John.

Here is a list of”Ready to Launch” Efforts:

• Business Opportunity
• Probiotics
• SkinCare
• Diabetes
• French Muscle
• German Muscle
• German Diet
• Brain Enhancement

There are approximately 25 files of buyers targeting information available for download within the members area. This is what made the Facebook campaign I ran profitable immediately, however it took approximately $400 in testing to get the first sale. This is not for the faint-hearted since there is some testing budget required. But, I did a lot of errors that could be avoided if I followed the training better.

In a nutshell, this data gives you access to the buyers in any market covered in the training. It is not a sure-fire thing, however it is”as close as possible”.

Hint #1 — Week 1 — Setting Up The System

This is where this wonderful journey beginns! Although not advised, an individual could bypass this (I did not ) if you feel as if you know how to do all of this already.

What is covered in week #1:

• Setting your goals
• Setting up your website
• What about presell pages (your online sales force)
• Establishing your Facebook advertising account the Ideal way
• Working with the best affiliate networks

Hint #2 — Week 2 — Recognizing And Believing in the Computer System

This is the module that you ought not miss! Keeping the right mindset will let you ultimately succeed in whatever you are doing.

The KEY sub-module is certainly the research part. John explains his process in great detail with MANY golden nuggets worth the price of the course!

What is covered in week #2:

• Creating the Ideal state of mind for success
• Super Affiliate Niche Research
• Where To Find Niche Data and How to speak your niche language
• Networking in the industry
• User intention and it’s role in advertising

Module #3 — Week 3 — Marketing Skills

The key takeaway from week is the John Crestani’s copywriting formula. Learn how to speak to the”reptilian” part of the brain with some ninja psychology secrets.

What is covered in Week 3:

• Optimizing ads for a larger ROI and payday
• Key factors of optimizing advertisements

Module #4 — Week 4 — Facebook and Google Ads

This is where the rubber really meets the road! Everything you ever wanted to know about FB Ads or Google Ads is coated. Both of these ad networks are the most significant and can make the cash register go:”CHA-CHIIIING!”
What is covered in week #4

• Facebook Ads Compliance
• Metrics To Look at In Online Marketing
• Google Ads 1

• Case studies of Google & Facebook ads
• [GUEST] Brian Pfeiffer on FB Ads — Anatomy of a $100k per month FB Ad

“We Could DOMINATE Facebook Ads And Have a Campaign to $1,200/Day” — Tyler E.

Hint #5 — Week 5 — Native & YouTube Ads

This is a different sort of beast. The quantity of buyers you can reach with these networks is staggering. Getting your message (advertising) across to as many people as possible results in larger pay-days!

What is covered in week #5

• Setting up MGID Native Ads The Ideal Way!
• Outbraing Native Advertising
• Voluum DSP Native Advertisements
• Setting Them And YouTube Ads Up For Maximum ROI

Module #6 — Week 6 — Scaling & Automating Your Business

If you followed everything you need to be able to have profitable campaigns up and running by week . But only by scaling and automating it’s possible to make these 6-figure months a reality.

What is covered in week

• $240,000 Case Study — Solar Niche
• Scaling a Campaign from $1k — $20k
• Utilizing Media Buyers
• Student Loan Case Study

Bonus Material — Weekly Q&A With John

Along with the 6 week class you’re also getting weekly live trainings, where John is keeping you current on the latest business news and goes over working campaigns.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to kickstart your online business and want to cut your learning curve, I believe this is the best path to do so. Honestly, the amount of value and resources is just”off-the-hook”! I have never seen a path that goes so in-depth on every part of affiliate marketing.

The reason John is giving away so much is the fact that in the event you make money he makes money. It’s as straightforward as that.

John Crestani is looking to start a shift in the online advertising community, where people guard their secrets and just release them at a high price, when the strategy is not working so well anymore. Super Affiliate System Review

*UPDATE: The enrollment for the free training is closing soon, but we managed to spin John’s arm and get a special link backdoor link where you can still register. But, there are no guarantees it will still work when you’re reading this! Hurry, before you miss your chance and doors shut and you read the success stories after a few months, thinking:”I knew I should have joined”!

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