Trafficxpro is a’done-for-you’ affiliate system.

Trafficxpro creates landing pages, finds you products to promote, captures email addresses, and acquires free media traffic.

Trafficxpro is Legit

Although I have some unanswered questions regarding the sustainability of the traffic generated from the social media platforms.

And I do like the notion of building an internet business on a domain that I don’t own.

I have to admit that I am actually quite impressed with how the Trafficxpro software functions.

I’m somewhat early with this Trafficxpro review.

Because at the time of writing, the item does go until tomorrow morning.

I’ve managed to unearth some insider info on Trafficxpro.

And I used comparable’done-for-you’ affiliate programs myself previously. So, as well as describing what Trafficxpro is and how it works. I’ll also be revealing 3 key things which you will need to consider parting. (Which other Trafficxpro testimonials WON’T tell you!) .

Trafficxpro is marketed as a’done-for-you’ affiliate marketing system.

The concept is that Trafficxpro automate and will simplify the elements of running your own affiliate business that is .

So that you can supposedly:


Because Trafficxpro apparently provides:

• Traffic generation;
• Email direct capture;
• Webpage building;
• Revenue funnel creation;

But allegedly without:

• Paying for visitors;
• Creating videos or blog articles;
• The need to’waste’ money on
• Having to review products.

I will explain Trafficxpro works in just a moment.

Who is Behind Trafficxpro?

The names attached to the Trafficxpro product are Mosh Bad and Jason Fulton.

They have collaborated on joint projects such as Blistering, Re-Kaching, and Profiteer.

I wasn’t able to find out an immense amount of information regarding the pair.

But nothing leads me to believe that they’re scammers of writing in the time.

Trafficxpro Aimed At?

Mosh and Jason say that Trafficxpro is suitable for absolute beginners with no prior marketing experience.

But also present business owners looking to create additional income streams.

Are There Any Additional Products? There are numerous discretionary’upsells’ .


• Trafficxpro Deadliest Secret Trigger;
• Trafficxpro DFY Money Machines;
• Trafficxpro Commission Jacker:
• Trafficxpro License Rights.

Is Trafficxpro Legit or a Scam? From what I’ve seen up to now? Trafficxpro isn’t a scam and looks LEGIT. I have some further thoughts regarding the potential limitations of Trafficxpro.

More on this in a moment.

How Much Can Trafficxpro Cost? For a one-time fee of $ 22: You can get access to Trafficxpro at the time of writing.

However, this is apparently going to change to a monthly subscription fee when the’early-bird’ launch period is over.

Yes. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee associated with Trafficxpro.

How Does Trafficxpro Work?

Here is how Trafficxpro works in a nutshell.

1: Select Your Offer

The Trafficxpro software permits you to automatically generate links to your’top converting’ affiliate provides. As far as I can tell, these offers are prepopulated for you. Which would mean that figure out which offers are converting the highest for yourself and you don’t have to go.

You can use their interface to quickly create email capture forms.

(Or pick from a selection of templates).

These pages are configured so that after your guide has entered their email address. They will instantly be redirected to the offer through your affiliate link. This means that not only do you have the opportunity to generate an affiliate commission straight away. You will be able to sell to your guide via your sequence.

3: Launch Your Campaign

Here’s the clever bit.

The software is configured so you can instantly launch your landing page to’32’ social media sites.
Which is what is going to help you potentially drive traffic.

My Thoughts On Trafficxpro (So Much ) Admittedly. I am now working with information that is limited. But I do have a basic understanding of how Trafficxpro works. And having used similar’business-in-a-box’ solutions before.

I have got a fair idea as to the kinds of issues that you may run into down the line.

So, here are just two things that I believe you should keep in mind

To be honest.

I think that the mass-automated posting of your offer to multiple social networking networks is a really slick feature.

But I can’t say for sure this is going to be as a traffic generation strategy.

You can publish, As it’s been my experience that many of these networks are becoming more strict on what kind of offers.

And you need a LOT of traffic to begin seeing sales.

You Might Not Have All

You’re told that Trafficxpro will take care of the website hosting and technical aspects for you.

Which means that you’re at the mercy of somebody else when it comes to maintaining your domain live and your website operational.

Also, I’m not exactly clear on if you will own the list of subscribers you’ll generate.

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