Viralsweep makes conducting giveaways simple for site owners, and brands, ecommerce retailers, bloggers, influencers so every campaign can help grow their company and their client base. Building media following and an email list are two of the best ways but it can be difficult to create these outlets consistently.

Within this Viralsweep review Viralsweep provides to make this possible.

What Viralsweep Does

Viralsweep supplies tools for retailers, website influencers, bloggers and owners enhance engagement to cultivate their lists and create sales. Their tools enable manufacturers to personalize marketing campaigns that promote each entrant to finish activities to enter the giveaway, which then helps their platforms and incentivizes entrants develop to share the giveaway with their after.

Viralsweep offers 7 unique manners brands can conduct their giveaways, specifically: Sweepstakes, Contests, Instant Win, Referrals, Email Forms, Comments and Hashtags — every giving themselves to a particular outcome or goal, allowing brands to conduct their giveaways how that works best for them. Additionally, Viralsweep offers Network attributes and their Promote so brands can team up with brands or influencers to collaborate on giveaways so as to expand their reach and expose themselves.Viralsweep Review

In regards to giveaways, the system of Viralsweep does all of the work and they have a formal principles template for brands. This makes each campaign on Viralsweep simple manage to establish and monitor so that it’s a addition to any business’ marketing strategy.

Viralsweep is for site owners and ecommerce retailers, bloggers, influencers, brands that wish convert more clients, get more leads, increase audience participation, and to capture mails. So brands can find the most — viralsweep facilitates growth — and makes that expansion effortless to handle and monitor.

Growing email lists is among the goals for business retailers since they are the interaction with clients. With a growing and participated email list, a company has more potential clients to promote, so because of this, the tools of Viralsweep are tailored towards helping their lists develop.

Another priority for brands is receiving their target audience to follow along on of the platforms that they use, which may be slow to grow unless the audience has an incentive and reach. Viralsweep’s programs are designed to reward users for completing tasks like following, sharing and referring friends, which can accelerate assist and growth brands get targeted prospects.

For their existence on platforms and brands wanting to cultivate their lists while engaging their audience and gaining referrals, Viralsweep is one of the tools in the business to assist this is achieved by brands. Check out the video below to learn more about the abilities of Viralsweep and what it looks like to set Viralsweep at a Shopify store up.

Why Use Viralsweep

Viralsweep provides resources and the tools to you to conduct to. Want to conduct a campaign by getting your audience submit videos or their photos? That is supported by viralsweep. Want your viewers with a hashtag to enter your competition? Want to run your giveaways on your FB page, your site, and your own site? Want to dedicate an entire landing page add it create a popup lightbox for it? Viralsweep can do so.

Viralsweep’s Services & Features

Viralsweep provides many various ways for brands to create their perfect sweepstakes and contest advertising campaigns, and they also integrate with different ecommerce platforms and email newsletter platforms to make it all possible. Let us jump into services and all of the features Viralsweep offers.

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The sweepstakes program of viralsweep is their way for manufacturers develop their list and to capture emails. A sweepstakes campaign’s objective is for the brand to give away a prize in exchange for users.

When creating a sweepstakes effort, you are ready to completely customize it down to the length of the effort, the data entrants must fill out, the societal actions entrants can perform for more entries and a lot more.

As soon as you’ve set the sweepstakes you up can run it on your website, blog or Facebook page by adding it to a landing page, embedding a widget, making a lightbox popup, or rather, they also supply a Viralsweep hosted link you are able to share so that you don’t need to place it on your site.


Viralsweep competitions enable brands to conduct video and photo competitions where entrants can submit their own videos or photos to enter the contest. For brands, this is the perfect method to collect user-generated articles to feature on their site or social programs, and they can even feature the entries in a standalone gallery on their website or Facebook page. Additionally, you can also connect hashtags to your competition and Viralsweep will pull that media from Instagram and Twitter and add them to your competition as entries, in addition to display that content on your gallery.

To prepare a Viralsweep contest simply choose whether you would like to host a photograph or movie competition and begin customizing the choices in the Viralsweep dashboard.

Like the sweepstakes attribute, you may even determine the contest’s length, translate into any language, restrict entries to a specific geolocation and encourage entrants to discuss their competition submissions to get votes.

Note: To find out more about Viralsweep competitions, check out their competition app information here, their How to Build Your First Contest video below and an example of Viralsweep competitions in action here.

Additional Campaign Options

Along with sweepstakes and contest features, Viralsweep provides other ways for brands to conduct engaging and effective campaigns:

Immediate Win: With Instant Win your audience can find out immediately upon entering if they have won a prize or not. If a user doesn’t win, they are given the choice to perform social activities to earn more opportunities. With this marketing type, the system selects winners based on arbitrary chances, random occasions, or special codes and you’re able to provide as many prizes (such as discounts and coupon codes, also!)
Email Forms: If mails are your end goal then the email forms program might be the best alternative for you. It’s easy to customize and focuses solely on shooting audience mails.

Remarks: Select a winner, or winners, through your Facebook or Instagram comment sections by simply connecting your article (s) into Viralsweep and pulling all remarks as entries. Award entries for several comments or just 1 entry per user, join as numerous Facebook and Instagram pages as you like, pull as many articles as you want and draw arbitrary winners with a single click.

With this feature you are able to choose the media type that has to be submitted together with the hashtag (pictures or videos), construct a gallery of photo or video submissions through the hashtag, enable people to vote contest submissions and much more.

Boost: Work directly within Viralsweep to associate with influencers to your next sweepstakes or contest. All you’ve got to do is submit your effort, filter potential influencers based on their business, size of audience as well as the networks in which you need influencers to advertise your effort, then enter any additional information and pricing and you will get paired with influencers. It’s among the most streamlined methods to utilize influencers and among the best ways to receive your services and products before a relevant audience.

Network: Instead, team up with numerous brands on your business, or related businesses, to co-promote your next sweepstakes or contest. If they accept, you’re paired together and given each other’s contact info to work directly with each other. Each brand then boosts the effort to their audience so that you can target clients from a similar market segment.

Referrals: Viralsweep’s newest app allows you to run referral based promotions in which you award prizes to customers depending on the amount of referrals they obtain. Simply pick the necessary referrals for every prize tier. Users are given a prize when they refer enough friends to achieve each grade.

Platform Integrations

Viralsweep integrates with a enormous collection of different platforms, so regardless of where you need to run your contest you will be able to without a hitch. Whether you would like to run sweepstakes through your website, blog, Facebook page or anywhere else, Viralsweep gets the integration capabilities that will assist you connect.

Email Marketing & CRM: much more and MailChimp, Klaviyo ConvertKit HubSpot.

Other: Bitly, Facebook Advertisements, Facebook Pixel, Facebook, Fomo, Google Analytics and Zapier.

Case Studies

Want to find out about how other companies have used Viralsweep develop their email list, to create prospects and earn a social following?

JewelScent: Both campaigns generated $34,215 in earnings (including indirect earnings ) with $21,969 of the directly credited to their giveaways.

LostGolfBalls: They conducted 6 campaigns, gathered a total of 33,679 entries, obtained 757 new clients and made $53,500.05 in earnings.

The benefit of using Viralsweep is that the many options so any manufacturer can produce they provide. Another advantage includes the customer service and their experience, knowledge and helpfulness of Viralsweep that they extend to their clients.


  • Viral Sharing: Incentives to discuss contests & sweepstakes make campaigns go viral.
  • Analytics: See as your audience interacts.
  • Ecommerce Platform Integrations: Shopify, WooCommerce BigCommerce, Squarespace and Magento, to name a few.
  • Email Newsletter Integrations: Klaviyo MailChimp, AWeber and much more.
  • Integrations: Zapier Facebook, Google Analytics, Bitly and much more.
  • Geolocation Targeting: Run your campaigns in geolocations.
  • Billed Monthly: cancel at any time or Update your strategy, you are not bound to a contract.
  • Flat Rate Billing: Viralsweep doesn’t charge from the number of data or per advertising. All paid programs include entrances and promotions.
  • Partner Network & Promotions: Connect with other brands or with industry influencers efficiently and easily.
  • Collect the Data You Want: You decide on the data you need to collect with forms.

Viralsweep’s Pricing

The pricing strategies of viralsweep operate meaning that their fee is. You will find promotions and entrances on all programs how many promotions you wish to run per month and your pricing strategy stays the same.

The difference between the three pricing plans are the characteristics that each supports. To see the list of attributes for each payment program, check out the pricing page of Viralsweep.

Includes all programs plus much more and integrations.

The Company Plan: $199/month

Contains additional customers, label branding, sales tracking and much more.

Contains hashtag multiple languages entries, A/B testing and much more.


Do not waste any more time building your email list or growing your after. Use the customizable and sweepstakes and contests of Viralsweep to conduct giveaways which engage your customers, collect their information, help you get traction and boost your bottom line.

On a great deal of features we have touched Within this Viralsweep review. About what Viralsweep can provide brands, to find out more, have a look at the Viralsweep Advanced Sweepstakes Guide. To find out more on the best way best to collaborate to marketing campaigns with other brands, have a look at the Viralsweep Advanced Guide to Partner Promotions. To see services and each of their features reside have a look at the Viralsweep Examples.

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